Amafa to Erect memorial to Indian Stretcher-bearers

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Amafa, in partnership with the Indian Consulate in Durban are to erect a memorial to streatcher bearers who partipated in the battle of Spioenkop and other conflicts in the Ladysmith area.

The Battle of Spioenkop was fought between British and Boer forces on 23-24 January 1900.  The Bristish suffered 243 fatalities and over 1000 wounded. The Boers lost 68 men, with andadditional 267 wounded. 

The Indian Ambulance Corps, orgaised by Mohandas Gandhi, assisted in removing the wounded British at the Battle.

The site is a Provincial Heritage Landmark. The memorial will be designed and located so as not to impact negatively on the existing battelfield.Public comment on the initiative is invited via the Amafa portal.