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HERITAGE SURVEY OF THE KWASANI MUNICIPALITY, SISONKE DISTRICT MUNICIPALITY, KWA ZULU-NATAL TERMS OF REFERENCE: INTERN/TRAINEE PROJECT INTRODUCTION: Amafa AkwaZulu Natali is the provincial heritage agency appointed in terms of the KZN Heritage Act. It is responsible for, inter alia, adding to the provincial data base of heritage sites. The Province of KwaZulu-Natal has a rich historic and cultural heritage. Some of these heritage resources have been identified for protection under previous dispensations but those protections need to be revisited both on the database and physically. Gaps in both urban and rural areas need to be surveyed. Amafa now requires the services of a consultant to survey all heritage resources, with specific focus on the Built Environment (defined as constituting any structure or groups of structures e.g. buildings, bridges, defensive structures, walls, railways, memorials, etc), to be found within the KwaSani Municipality, Sisonke District Municipality. All resources are to be surveyed and assessed in accordance with the stipulations of the relevant sections of the National Act (SAHRA 25/1999). The contracted specialist/s for this survey is to collate previous surveys done in this District Municipality into one document, capture outstanding information on SAHRIS and embark on a process of verifying the current validity of those previous surveys as well as conducting new surveys. Surveys and re-surveys are to be recorded. During the survey old railway stations (old buildings, railway tracks, tunnels, trains, wagons, etc.), will also be surveyed and assessed. Indigenous architecture will also be considered. General requirements for Interns/Trainees Basic requirements: In order to be able to conduct the survey, the following will be necessary: 1. Relevant Degree or Diploma (Architecture, Heritage Management, etc.) 2. Drivers License 3. Computer literacy 4. Excellent written and spoken English 5. Proof of identification Amafa is embarking on a multi-year, systematic heritage survey of the whole Province. As part of this project Amafa requires a survey of KwaSani Municipality, Sisonke District Municipality to: 1.Identify all sites, structures and other abovementioned heritage resources located in the Municipality 2.Assess each heritage resource’s significance SURVEY OF THE KWASANI MUNICIPALITY, SISONKE DISTRICT MUNICIPALITY: This document will, on the basis of a detailed foot survey (and through other means); provide a listing of all identified heritage resources within the footprint. i.The document should provide coordinate information of all heritage resources identified and produce maps showing the location of each resource. ii.The document should contain clear and detailed photographs of all heritage resources identified. iii.The document should include a reference list of all previous research and other publications related to the area. iv.The document should provide a set of management recommendations related to the study area. The service provider is also required to populate the data into SAHRIS. The document will be made available to Amafa in both hard and electronic copy. Pricing. The Value of the Contract will be R20 000. Amafa will provide the Intern/Trainee with the following during the time of the contract: i.Access to an official vehicle for survey purposes; ii.Subsistence equal to standard Amafa rates, when required and approved; iii.Office space; iv.Internet access; v.E-mail address; vi.Computer and vii.Camera. Time frame. This project is listed in the Annual Performance Plan for the Professional and Research Section of Amafa for the 2013/2014 financial year, and as such, the final reports should be completed by end-September 2013 for perusal. Intellectual Property. The data collected by the project will be the property of Amafa. Amafa Staff Input Amafa strives to contribute to the skills upliftment and professional development of all its staff members. Inclusion of other Amafa staff in the project is seen as an ideal vehicle to achieve this. A staff member might therefor join the Project Team in the field to work as a member of the team. Logistical expenses for the member of staff will be covered by Amafa. Supervisor Input The Intern/Trainee will be supervised by the Deputy Director: Research, Professional Services & Compliance, while an external Consultant/Specialist might also be appointed to assist the Intern/Trainee. . Contact. Annie van de Venter-Radford Deputy Director: Research, Professional Services & Compliance Amafa/Heritage KwaZulu-Natal PO Box 2685 Pietermaritzburg 3200 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 0798082576